"The Worm Made A Phonecall But No one Knows Why" Pocket T-Shirt

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So, We're back... still culling images from the crab shell that was the Yankee Charms Revisited Tour, Still picking the clam shells out of the upholstery of the rental car.. and most importantly... still singing. Songs are falling off of the trees this year and we are very gleeful at their supple forms. Anyhow,This Worm.... could it be the Worm from the LAST (2012) album (which was the last album John Baccigaluppi recorded at his long running Sacto studio "The Hangar" (I swear Sacramento in the summer feels a bit like Mississippi to me, the warm nights and the sound of the train, a river nearby)) featured in the song "Where Is The Worm?" Yep! It could be, but it woulda been a Freudian slip categorically.... I was frothing and frantic, cooking up these souvenir drawings for the aforementioned tour and lowly and beholdly this one eked out a living on the living breathing page. One part sea eel, the other part jabber jaw... this lil IT can talk. In all fairness, if we believe the cosmos of this new wearable art pocket T-Shirt to be true, Then the worm is certainly making a phonecall to the character on the back of the shirt. And the back of the shirt urges the viewer NOT to pick up the phone. Could this act as some sort of Kubrickesque Abacus? Urging the audience NOT to talk loudly when songs are being played live by a knot of troubadors? Never heard of it. Printed again on Gildan Heavy Cotton brand (Except the Mediums? They are quixotically printed on A very similar color Hanes T shirt... full disclosure here (not pictured) shhhh.... They look FANTASTIC :-0) I still have 20 of these in my closet from over the last 10 years and the way they wear and shred and the plastisol ink lasts but cracks and stays... it reminds one of the old skate shirt from the 1980's to which these are certainly a nod. I'm not dating myself here am I? I hope not... I'm Married! So, talk on the phone all you want in fact we encourage it. Too much texting is fatiguing to the nth and you don't want to lose your speaking skills and mastery of the spoken language do ya? limited to 50 shirts your size will go fast. One time printing then we move on to another 50. Don't say we didn't warn you when we are so clearly warning you right NOW! also... I think it's a dog or a hairless bear (sounds familiar) on the back, as well... If you still have a landline, gosh you're lucky. Hold onto some roots of the past why not, as the future aims forth like a lazer!