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LITTLE WINGS SHIRT #2 "Haunted Autumn"

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Here we have the second "Little Wings Shirt",Haunted Autumn! the fall sets in and we are reminded of Days Past and possibly our favorite/most sung about season while sun slanted days die into cold clear nights. Scary ghost stories are captured ever so vaguely on the back whilst a shining witnessing light streak soars from site to site: A huge haunted rock/broken highway portrait, the phantom's lantern eerily shining, a piece of the canyon restaurant that i only found out was truly haunted after submitting this drawing to the presses, drainage ditch of youth written about in The Shredder song (I still haunt this place!) and the macabre doll's theatre but the size of a postcard! Limited run and then we move on. Printed on sturdy 100% Cotton Gildan Pocket T's as always and sized men's S-XL....Satisfying to share some of my own insights into fall melancholia/hysteria in this psychic travel T... Jacob's Ladder for experts!!! P.S. I told my father about this shirt and he thought I should particularly disclose all of the locations instead of intentionally shrouding them in mystery. I won’t do that! But I will give doppelgängers as an additional text, through a few stories. At the beginning of The film “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” The Paramount Studios logo turns into the South American mountain that looms high above.... the funny thing is, Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills,CA Is where the Snow capped Paramount Mountain is,which in reality is only a Hillock perhaps 80 feet in elevation and no snow! The haunted rock that I depicted is supposedly haunted. The rock itself is the last nose of the Santa Monica Mountains before it submerged into the Pacific Ocean and miles later becomes the Channel Islands. The Roosevelt highway used to go around the outside of this rock, on the ocean side but fell off into the sea one two many times and they blasted the path we now use. In a way, Haunted Autumn means “Happy Halloween” to you. Meanwhile, The lantern could reference a Led Zep myth, a cloaked seeker climbing some blessed stairway. The middle image depicts the fallen highway. Upper Right is a disguised version of a building N. Young once owned in the most Haunted Canyon I know of in this Southland. Moving to the lower left, the first skate ditch “we” ever rode as children, it haunts my mind and music and I visit it every so often. The lower right is a postcard found on an Autumn Tour a year ago in Colorado. The same day we went to the Stanley Hotel where Steven King wrote the shining. I went upstairs and checked for room 237(Kubrick’s version)which is different from the book (room 217) and the Stanley Hotel doesn’t have a room 237. All of their postcards and merch they were selling was digitized and unrepresentative of the haunted hotel, so this Doll’s Theatre postcard was the stand-in for the Stanley. Thank you great Autumn mystery for continuing to capture my imagination and lead me like a lantern’s path through these dark hollows!