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one of the hotter pies to pull itself from the oven just in time for summer and just in time to promote be gulls BEGIN our new cassette only available from long live death records. A year or more ago we had some of the best pizza we had ever tasted out near Lander's brewing company in the hot hot california desert. my instructions to our friend and promoter dan anderson were really quite simple: order three pizzas NOW but tell them to make them the last pizzas of the night,the last deliveries as well....what we got was indeed tasty and as the T shirt claims, "desert" always these are printed on large fitting gildan 100 percent cotton shirts...this is #8 or so in the series and we will move on to a new design after this run. thank you be gulls men's sizes S-XL limited run of 50 gulls wooden stunt cassette not included but easy to make! (computer printout,2x8,band saw,wood glue,natural materials)